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The Street Dancer (Hot Rod in Extremes)


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What is it?
May I introduce? This is "The Street Dancer"
The Street Dancer is a hot rod as it could be today. I installed well-known hot rod elements from different decades.
1) John Millner's 5 Windows Yellow ('50)
2) The particularly low front axle
3) The small roof section "C pillar" (muscle cars of the '70)
4) The front could be from a Pointiac
5) The rear looks like a '90's European car.

With these 5 points in mind, I started building the Hot Rod and the result is surprising. It shows a different face when viewed from all angles and it's a real hot rod.
Aggressive design, distinctive and eye-catching. Chrome rims and small chrome details set accents.

why did you build it
This car is an homage to old hot rod times that produced fantastic cars that no longer exist today. Who doesn't like to think of American graffiti or WW and the Dixie Dance kings? Here is my HotRod vision.
This hot rod is not a replica. It is a work of my imagination, so basically a prototype.

Why do you think this would be a great LEGO set?
It is a model reminiscent of the USA's fantastic hot rod decades, which no longer exist. And it shows how you can let your imagination run wild.

And now the details.
Parts : 678
Length : 30 cm
Width : 13 cm
Height : 11cm
Weight : 642 grams
Speed : As fast as three minifigs can push

Can we start the Street Dancer race ?

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