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LEGO 4x4 Dakar


LEGO 4x4 Dakar

Although the car theme has been well exploited over the years, i believe the 4x4 Dakar style has not been fully covered yet.

The car uses some of the coolest lego parts made such as: the front bumper, the engine and of course the special wheels 37x18R.

The car uses also some of the coolest features such as: roller cage, mud guards, suspensions and optimised lights (the cibie lights would have been better but i ran out of them).

Although the car with the above, on its own, looks great, the challenge was to optimise as much as possible the moveable parts: a car is not a car if it does not have doors to access the cabin, if it does not have a boot that opens, but more importantly, if it does not have a front bonnet opening with a massive super charged V6 in it.

The challenge was therefore to optimise the car to make it as interactive as possible and equally not be overwhelmed by its size.

Also, the advantage of the car is that it can be easily customised which always make it more special. The chassis remains the same: I have loaded three different types, using different colours and for each car trying to add something to make it special and unique.

I am working on a black and orange as well as a black and dark blue model. You may wonder why so many models, well it simply because after having built the first model (green and black) for my son,  he needed other cars to race with.

This is why i think that eventhough this is a car, it is a car every children would like to have and could be provided as single or dual items.

Finally, as mentioned above, i am still working on two further models with the challenge to add a winch without compromising the front bumper, the opening bonnet and the engine space.

I hope you enjoy this


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