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Fantasy Era Medieval House - Here Comes Trouble

What is it?

This set is inspired by the fantasy era. Idea for this one was to actually not focus on the castle and knights itselves, but more on the normal life of the village people. This house is situated near a lake/riverside.

  • The two houses are connected via a wooden stairs and a bridge, with is partly covered by a roof.
  • A small boat can be reached via the wooden platform.
  • Via the stepping stones there is a shortcut between the two houses
  • The roof of the houses is modular and can be taken off easily to place minifigures
  • The first building has a room on top level with a seat and a place to keep the weapons
  • The second buidling has a room on ground level with a small sand area adjecent to the lake
  • It has 7 minifigures (1 couple, 1 couple with kid, a dwarf and an evil skeleton)

What is happening here?

Two couples, from which one couple has also a kid are happily living near the lake. The dwarf, who has become a part of the family as well, is protecting the house. However, the trouble is coming from the other side. The kid (fishing) and the father (chopping wood) do not notice the evil skeleton coming. 

The woman inside the building is caught by surprise and the man, already escaping, is hanging at the pathway. 

Why would this be a good set?

The adventures which can be experienced with this relatively small set are endless because of the "open" structure and the normal life ideas (fishing, wood chopping, household etc.) kids can easily relate to and the excitement of the evil minifigure creating trouble as well.

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