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One World Trade Center


This is One World TradeCenter. 2072 Bricks. 

The model consists of many transparent light blue 1x2 tiles and a good number of 1x1 of the same color. Its base is wider than its top and its 8 triangular sides are very difficult to reproduce with Lego, without using a lot of bricks. So I attempted to utilize plates and flat tiles for the side and I reinforced the internal sections with technic to create a solid support structure. I hope you like the result. 

A fair amount of time went into studying the shape of the building to try to get it proportionally correct. Tell me how you think I did.

Constructive criticism is welcome - sometimes I think people are not always honest about the sets they see up here. Be honest if you don't like it, let me know why.

I loved designing this, but I see it as collector's item more than a playable model. It would belong in a category with the Taj Mahal, a sort of UCS of the Architecture line. I image only adults would be interested in a set like this and I'd guess it will cost somewhere in the $200-$300 range to purchase if it ever became a set. And I think it will be challenging to build. If this project gets to 1000 supporters, I'll source all the parts for a real build.

If you are into playable models with interesting minifigs and lots of fun, small builds in one set, check out and support my other project:

Thanks for your support!

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