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Caveman's Cave




This is not a set that features modern citizens in a modern city. Nor does it feature pirates in their ship, nor knights in their castle. No, it is a set that features fare more primitive people in a far more primitive land. So primitive, in fact, that it features stone age people, in their paleolithic (or, dare we say, paleobrickith) home. Yes, this set features a tribe of cavemen and the cave that they have made their home!

And it is easy to see why the cavemen have settled in this particular cave. For around this cave is everything that a tribe of cavemen would need to survive. It has, of course, a cave, large enough for the whole tribe to gather in. There is a pit in the cave where they can make fire, to warm themselves and cook their meals. It has a place where they can chip rocks into arrowheads for their spears. Then they can use those spears to hunt the wild goats and pheasants that gather in the hill above their cave. There is water near their cave, where they may find a drink, or gather fish and clams. There is a stand of grass above the cave, which may someday be cultivated for its seeds. It has spring-fed flowers, which can be collected whenever the tribe has something to celebrate. And finally, there are walls in the cave, where the activities of the tribe may be recorded for all of history to see...


Figures and accessories:

3 cavemen

3 cavewomen

1 cave-baby

1 wild goat

1 wild pheasant

1 rat

1 fish

1 clam

1 frog

1 hawk

Assorted brick-built spears, clubs and axes.



This set consists of a fully enclosed cave, with a studded plate floor, walls on all sides to fully enclose the cave, and a roof that doubles as a hilltop. The roof is removable, coming off in two pieces to provide access to the cave interior. With the roof removed, the cave walls can be unfolded for maximum access. Once unfolded, half of the roof may be replaced for a more cave-like diorama display. When closed, the cave is held together by clips, similar to those found on recent City Creator buildings.


The interior of the cave contains several features, staring with a central fire pit. Surrounding that are various rubbish bins for bones, sticks, or spare rocks. Scattered around the cave a clips to hold various stone age-tools. Also included in the interior is a spot for brick-built cave paintings.


Surrounding the cave are an assortment of environments; the mouth of the cave, various steep stony hillsides, a more gently sloped path to the top of the hill flanked by spring-fed trees and flowers, and a lake shore. Note that when fully unfolded, the lake shore lays against the hill that contains the spring, suggesting that the lake might be fed by the spring.


The top of the set features a collection of trees, as well as a stand of grass. The grasses may also be spring-fed, and serve to attract wild goats or pheasants for the cavemen to stalk. On the hilltop there is also a fissure leading to the cave below. This acts both as a natural chimney to let smoke escape the cave, and a handle to easily remove roof piece.


For a video presentation of this set's features, see the following link:

. (Please note: Video is provided under a different username and contains several minifigures that were cut from the final submission, numerous digressions that you may or may not be interested in, and copious amounts of stuttering. Just be aware...)

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