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Sonic 2006: Egg-Mobile


The Egg Mobile is a one-man, multi-purpose hovercraft created and very frequently piloted by Dr. Eggman as a personal means of transportation and attack vehicle. The Egg Mobile can be fitted with a wide array of weapons and is known for its universal compatibility to combine with Eggman's various vehicles and creations, and serves as well as an escape pod when they are inevitably defeated by Sonic the Hedgehog and/or his allies. Its 2006 variant is equipped with two large detachable and remotely controlled hands that Eggman uses at numerous times throughout the story of the game to kidnap Elise.

The Set features the Egg-Mobile with poseable arms and fingers, Doctor Eggman and princess Elise. It consists of 131 pieces.

Please, vote on the SET and not on the GAME! I know that many people hate Sonic '06 because of bugs, long loading times and the bad story but please just judge the set. Thank you.

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