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Zelda Desert Grounds


Hello, I am submitting an idea based on Zelda: A Link to the Past, Desert Palace with a mix of Hyrule Warriors and The Wind Waker.  This one is called Zelda Desert Grounds, Link will be battling 2 lanmolas for the Power Gloves.  The lanmolas broke the bridge to the gloves so he has to battle them first.  Once he gets the gloves he can pick up the pillar, to get a shield that is held on it.  I like this idea since in Zelda you need different items in order to reach news ones that were once unattainable.  On top of the pillar sits the owl, Kaepora Gaebora, that helps him through out his journeys. There is a heart inside one of the lanmola's head and then once the lanmola disappears after you beat it, you could add the heart to your health upgrading yourself like in the game.  There are barrels and one magic potion, if you want you could put the magic potion or rupees in the barrels.  Then you could make Link burst them open to get them like in the game.  

I thought this set should have two different lanmolas since everyone likes to have different legos to play with and not just copies of the same ones.  One is a little longer than the other, one has a bigger head and has a compartment to hold an object like a heart. The lanmolds can shot rocks from their back. 

Link comes with his basic green clothes, a sword, telescope, bug net, bow and arrows.  Once you get the shield you could attach it to his back, like in the pictures.  There is a golden chest to hold the Power Gloves in but you could put anything you want in there.  This could lead you to having different stories and ideas to play around with, endless fun.

I added some more characters like King of Red Lions, Sheik and Zelda.  They come with their items like a rapier, harp, knief, Dominion Rod, Ocarina of Time.  I added some more bad guys like the floor master, beamo, Stalmaster and stalfo.   

Thank you so much and I hope you like my idea by supporting.


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