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I Dream of Jeannie: Jeannie's Bottle

This TV show first aired back in 1965. It started when an astronaut by the name of Captain Tony Nelson lands on a near deserted island in a one-man capsule. Tony soon finds a strange bottle on the beach that rolled by itself. He removes the stopper and rubs the bottle, causing smoke to erupt from the bottle. That is when Jeannie, a genie, appears. At first, the two of them could not understand each other until Tony wished for Jeannie to speak English. Tony then asks for a rescue helicopter to appear and is so thankful to Jeannie that she grants his wish, Tony tells Jeannie that she is now free. Jeannie instead chooses to follow Tony after falling in love with him.

In most episodes, Jeannie tries to use her magic to help Tony and show him her love for him; however, most of the time her help ends up causing problems. Tony also tries to hid Jeannie's existence, as he's afraid it will cause him to be dismissed from the space program. Eventually, Tony lets Jeannie do as she wishes and even lets her be seen by other people. Later in the series, Tony falls in love with Jeannie as well, and the two of them get married.

With this LEGO design, I made sure to build the inside of the bottle as well. By unclipping one of the sides, you can not only see inside of the bottle, but put the two minifigures inside as well. I looked up several photos of the inside of the bottle to make sure I built it right. Inside of the bottle, I made sure to have the red carpet I saw in several photos, the purple couch that circles around the entire inside the bottle, and several 1x1 tile pieces to be the pillows on the couch. The two minifigures included with this LEGO design are Jeannie and Tony Nelson. I also made sure you can pull out the top stopper of the bottle.

I was inspired to make this bottle after seeing a DVD box set of the complete series at a local store. When I saw the DVD set, I remembered when I was younger and watched this series with my mom on Sunday afternoons when it was on TV.

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