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Batman: Freeze Crystal Caper


Stop Mr. Freeze's henchman from stealing the precious freeze crystal from the ice caverns.  This model includes: Deep Freeze Batman with a flamethrower and his snowmobile, a Mr. Freeze henchman with freeze gun and snowmobile, and a freeze crystal in an icy cavern.

I have a fascination with batman and other dc comic's superheroes, so all my life I have been building different bat-vehicles.  The Deep Freeze Batman is a mix of the arctic Batman and the space Batman suits.

This project takes place in the arctic wastes and its cave is full of dangerous traps before you can get to the crystal.  The Batman snowmobile has a huge traction tread for rough terrain, and also has a holder for Batman's flamethrower.  The henchman's snowmobile has ice cannons and a holder for the henchman's freeze gun and backpack.

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