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From epic paintball battles and pillow forts, to Kentucky-Fried spaceships and everything else in between, celebrate your love for the hit series Community with this play set based on Greendale Community College!

With numerous hidden Easter eggs and callbacks to beloved episodes, this set lets you build and relive your favorite moments from the show. You can hang out with the gang at Group Study Room F, try out new costumes in the Dean’s office, or search for your missing stuff in the ventilation system. Along the way you can raid Fort Hawthorne, jump across burning hot lava, prevent a zombie apocalypse, or escape from your evil doppelgängers from the darkest timeline. The possibilities are endless! 

Join Jeff, Britta, Annie, Shirley, Pierce, Troy, Abed, Dean Pelton, and Chang as they navigate the world’s wackiest educational institution. Are they all actual LEGO minifigures or is this just happening in Abed’s mind? No one can know for sure! 

Community! The hit show is now the next hit LEGO set.

Lines between perception, desire and reality may become blurred, redundant or interchangeable.

About Community

Community is a creative, meta-humor comedy series that has been consistently ranked as one of the most inventive and original shows in television history. While it may appear to be a simple comedy set at a community college, it is actually a densely-layered series that subverts expectations of what a sitcom is and can be. Each episode is like a mini-movie that explores and parodies the tropes of pop culture and cinema. Across six seasons and two networks, Community took aim at nearly every kind of story genre -- from Spaghetti Western movies, to zombie thrillers, to claymation Christmas specials, to 8-bit video games, to science-fiction epics about the multiverse.

Community was initially produced by Dan Harmon (of Rick and Morty fame) and the Russo Brothers (Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame). It starred Joel McHale, Donald Glover, Alison Brie, Yvette Nicole Brown, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash, Danny Pudi, Ken Jeong, and Chevy Chase. 

While the series ended in 2015, the Community’s ever-growing fan base has remained passionate and active online - creating fan art, an annual convention, and even video games. The show has also had a major resurgence in recent years thanks to Netflix. Fans have also been actively campaigning for a Community movie. As of 2022, talks are finally happening for a feature film.


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