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Ingenuity: The Helicopter of Mars


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This is a model of Ingenuity, a helicopter sent to Mars in a recent mission. It features a place for a solar panel sticker or printing on top, and is very accurate to the real Ingenuity. It is near scale (the propellers should be a few feet longer, but everything else is scale), and is a great model for any budding astronaut.

I built this in celebration of that recent mission. I love space, and thought
This is an amazing model, that would go well in any space-themed area. It could sit by the old Curiosity Rover LEGO CUUSOO set, or by the currently avaliable Saturn V, Lunar Lander, or International Space Station.

 This Model is Functional! The propellors can spin separately without moving any other part of the model! Also, the legs can fold in for easier storage!

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