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Modular Luxury Home: “The Spiral”

Welcome to The Spiral - a modular building that combines exciting activities with luxury living. 

I’ve always wanted to build my dream house using LEGO bricks, and I am a fan of modular buildings. I decided to use white bricks mainly due to the large volume I have, and I think gold accents it quite well. 
The Spiral will make a great addition to any modular street, providing a perfect home for various minifigures. 

The build is divided into three levels that can easily separate, however the pillar at the front with the coloured spiral remains attached to the ground floor. 

On the first level is a buffet of various foods prepared by a robot chef. Additionally, there is a basketball arcade game, a ping pong table and a VR station. 
The second level contains a bedroom that opens onto a balcony, and an ensuite. A mini-golf hole and gaming area are also on this floor. 
Finally, the roof has a glass edged pool with a swim-up bar and skate ramp. 
A rock climbing wall spans all three levels.
The spiral can also be rotated, as can be seen in the video above. 

As I built this using physical bricks, I don’t have an exact piece count. My best estimate however, is 2700 - 2900 bricks. 

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