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NBC's The Office


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This LEGO proposal is based on NBC's The Office, America's quintessential workplace comedy developed by Greg Daniels and based on the original Office from the UK, which was created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.

The set represents the Dunder Mifflin office located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, the main location for nine seasons of hilarious hijinks and memories.  As a long-time fan, I pretty much have every line from the show memorized but despite that it can always make me laugh or brighten my day.  I think like a lot of people, I found myself relating to the crazy situations the characters got into.  Since I am a huge Lego fan, I was sad there was never a set for such an amazing show so I built one for myself.

This set is comprised of the main office space (e.g. - Reception, the Sales Team, Accounting), Michael's office, the Conference Room and Darryl’s office.  Each of the rooms is designed to be modular, so they can be connected together easily or separated.  There are also a lot of details for longtime office fans who want to recreate their favorite episodes or make new ones.

  • Michael's Golden Dundie
  • Michael's Hats (a Turban for his Johnny Carson impersonation, a beret to be Date Mike, a Top Hat for Magic Mike and a Santa Hat)
  • Dwight's Bobble head in Jell-O (Pranks!)
  • Angela's Cats
  • Kevin's Candy Jar and Pizza (from Alfredo's Pizza Cafe)
  • Creed's guitar
  • Michael's "World's Best Boss" mug
  • Kelly's Cellphone
  • Meredith's Water Bottle
  • Briefcases
  • Pam's Ring (which fits in Jim's suitcase)
  • Stanley's Crossword and Pretzel
  • Erin's plant
  • Dwight's Bow (hidden) and a bear
  • Andy's Mic and Guitar
  • Phyllis' sewing needles
  • Pam's painting palette and brush
  • Jim's Basketball
  • Watercooler
  • Photocopier
  • A hole where Andy punched the wall (regulaTechnic piece)
  • Desks, Swiveling Chairs, Phones, Computers and mugs for all the staff
  • A Christmas tree, holiday gift boxes, Santa Hat and Beard for Michael or Phyllis, Elf Ears for Dwight and a Snowman to scare Jim


The mini-figs include Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, Erin, Andy, Phyllis, Stanley, Kelly, Toby, Darryl, Creed, Meredith, Angela and Kevin.

Sadly Andy, Oscar and Ryan are not pictured because Andy was on a sale's call which is not going well, Oscar is taking a sick day and Ryan is in the Annex pretending to do work, but is really looking up fedora hats on eBrick.  They will be in soon, promise.

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