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RMS Blutanic


I've been working on this project since people have made cruise ships! I based the hull below the water line on the Triple E Maersk ship from the Creator line. I used technic bricks to make the walls with portholes and designed brick-built funnels. This ship is still not complete. It still needs...stickers! The stickers will complete the looks of the ship. People of all ages will enjoy making the RMS Blutanic because it combines ships from then and now. The green turret is a maser cannon based on the ones used on the type MBT-92 maser tanks from the Godzilla franchise. There are two reasons I included this feature: 1, to pay a tribute to Godzilla and 2, it was added to the ship to keep pirates away from the vessel. Those who want to play pirates will enjoy having fun with the Blutanic! I was going to add bow thrusters and stern thrusters but the lego propellers were too big because I was going to have them for a play feature.

I know there's a lot of Titanic fans out there so I created this so they can have fun with my generation of the unsinkable ship!

Link to the ship drawing:

The ship was still work in progress then.

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