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Night at the Museum - Re-Open the Doors

Welcome visitor. After 2 years of renovation following a mysterious event that happened one night, the museum is ready to re-open its doors to the public. To make sure everything will go as planned, I'll ask you please to keep an eye open tonight in the museum. Larry Daley, our night guard will give you a short tour through the museum. Ready to discover the wonders of the museum?

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Night at the museum is a franchise based on 3 movies directed by Shawn Levy. Reaching a total of 1,4 billion entries at the box office, Night at the Museum has established itself as one of the most popular franchises in the world.

Reaching 10k with my first lego Ideas project was a dream come true. As you probably know, the project did not pass the review phase, but I'm very glad to present you today a completely redesign set design of the museum. In this new version, I wanted to create a building that could work both for display as well as for playability. Indeed, in this new version the user can decide whether the building is closed or open, since the back of the museum can be opened to reach the inside of the museum. When open, Rexy as well as the iconic globe from the movie, can be placed into the space to recreate the magical atmosphere from the movie. On both sides, we can find two monumental staircases linking the main space to the upper level.

In total, the project is built with 2700+ bricks and contains the main protagonists from the first movie (i.e.: Larry Daley, Dr. McPhee, Theodore Roosevelt, Attila The Hunt, Jedediah the miniature cow-boy, Octavius the miniature Roman general, Sacagawea, Pharaoh Ahkmenrah and Dexter). Of course, you can also find Rexy in the main room.

Now it's your turn. The day is coming to an end and I will ask you to keep an eye open tonight. Who knows, maybe some magical events will happen tonight!

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Special thanks to Mecabricks and Lufo Brick.

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