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Pirates Of The Caribbean Flying Dutchman

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(Under Quality Mocs, at the top post) Thanks!

NOTE: I hope to build this one day. When I do I will upload new pics!

So after many weeks of work I present you the Pirates Of The Caribbean Flying Duchman. Its quite a big ship at 1700 parts. Minifigs:

Davy Jones
Bootstrap Bill
Jack Sparrow (With Tricorne)
Will Turner (With normal and dead face)
Elizabeth Swann (New pirate version!)
Mullroy and Murtogg with chest
and Mr. Mercer

The image above is the deck with cabin. The sails could be new along with rips and holes and rigging strings. Inside the cabin could be the Organ along with a printed heart music box. the back has 2 balconies and a door leading to the cabin. Many more details and secrets in the boat!

Wouldn't it be great to have the POTC line to go out with a bang! Vote if you like it!

This boat has been based of the Flying Duchman from LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean Video Game and other reference images. I want to thank you Bricktrix for his renders!

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