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"Bender Bust," is a fantastic homage to the irreverent and lovable robot from Futurama. This meticulously crafted bust perfectly captures the essence of Bender, the robot with an attitude.
The design showcases Bender's iconic features, from his shiny metal exterior to his expressive eyes and distinctive antenna.
The LEGO model beautifully portrays Bender's character, with a mix of gray bricks to replicate his metallic surface. The facial expression captures Bender's mischievous personality, and the inclusion of his antenna adds an extra touch of authenticity.
This LEGO Ideas design not only pays tribute to Futurama but also serves as a delightful collectible for fans of the show. Whether displayed on a shelf or as part of a larger LEGO collection, the "Bender Bust" is sure to be a standout piece that brings joy to fans of both LEGO and Futurama alike.

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