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Craine: The Bronze Mountains Mine Ambush


    Craine Aban, a boy who is on a journey to find a golden sword, is trying to find the three elements (bronze, silver, and gold) that magically construct the Golden Sword. The Bronze Mountains conceal the bronze that Craine needs, in the dangerous mines underground.

     As in the set, Craine's dad, Zaednrede (in the middle of the picture), and his friend, Melicia Tross(on the right), aid him on his journey. The set also comes with a Morodia Troll Warrior (left) and a Mudrock Gorcoblin (right), who ambush them. There is a falling tree contraption, a rock-that-hits-a-column contraption, and stairs that lead to a hidden trapdoor with a ladder. A rock watchtower on the roof of the mine shaft and an abandoned temple add to the set as architectures.

      Follow Craine as he searches the elements for the Golden Sword!

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