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Lancia Delta HF Integrale "Martini"


Lancia Delta HF is definitely one of the most iconic rally cars in the history of rallying. This is the car which has won 46 WRC races in seven competitive years (from 1987 to 1993). It is the vehicle that millions dream about and pilgrimage to see in action, driven by the masters of rallying. It is also the car which even 20 years after retiring is still talked about with respect and utter admiration. With the end of Group B, in 1987 the Martini Racing replacement team Lancia Delta S4 with the Delta HF 4WD, which Miki Biasion won the season opener, the Monte Carlo Rally, while Juha Kankkunen graduated the world at the end champion year. The years '88 -'89 was instead dominated by Biasion, who with Delta Integrale won 10 games in two seasons, winning many world titles. In 1992 participated with Delta Integrale Evoluzione and last constructors' title, won thanks to the success of Kankkunen and Auriol.

The passion was born and just do not have a reason, can have an answer, as the realization of their ideas, and the ability to freely unleash the manufacturer which is in all of us. Building Lego is the passion that comes from those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world ... with a single brick.

This set can not miss the collection of any collector Lego, it's like if the Mona Lisa's smile was missing. The set of one of the most famous Car of World Rally Tour is part of every endless collection of bricks.

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