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Skull and Brain

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How many people would love to own a LEGO Skull? But where can you get the instructions or necessary pieces to build one that looks almost real? Nowhere! So, I am building an anatomically correct human skull. LEGO currently has nothing like this. There is a high demand for learning these round building and SNOT techniques. And building these pieces would both teach anatomy and physiology and unlike standard anatomy models, it is in the building that true understanding would take place.

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I noticed there are very few sets that are intended to educate our youth. It would be nice to see sets that build something worth understanding. I am sure parents everywhere would jump at the chance to buy this sets for their little LEGO enthusiasts. What Parent Doesn't want their son's or daughter's to grow up to be doctors?

Open and Dis-assembled (Heart, middle, no longer a part of the set) I Really see the Medical community wanting this set as they relate to their specific fields. Or they would be great gifts for Doctors and Medical Students.
Set - 100$

This is not your Brain; THIS is Your Brain on LEGO!
Color Coded Lobes and Ganglia.

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