Product Idea |

Planetary Hopper


Discover vast new worlds with the Planetary Hopper, the future of exploration. With its four legs, this shuttle-craft can navigate any terrain and has the advantage of a large glass cockpit enabling its pilot to survey their surroundings from all angles.

Features and design

The large cockpit can fit a Minifigure and allows for a great view of the surroundings. Angling of the cockpit and its proportions gave it a very 'bug-like' appearance. This gave me the idea to give the ship legs like a bee. The ship's four legs, made from brick separators, are on ball joints allowing the ship to be posed in multiple positions.   It also has two sets of wings - angled back- each made up of two connected wings for extra strength. 

When designing the ship I wanted it to look streamlined but also strong. Its large engine inlets smoothly integrated into the body but also the angle of the wings mirrors that of the body. Reinforcements around the cockpit enhance the appearance of its strength.

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