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I am happy to show you my first ever lego creation. The rocket you can see is called the soyuz, at the moment the only manned spacecraft the goes to the international space station. It is 45.6 meters in height en 10.3 meters in diameter. 

The craft is made out of 5 blocks: the boosters, the bottom center stage, the top center stage and the fairing which has a service module in it. I also made a bigger more details model of the service module, which you can see on the right. Each module can be seperated. 

The model contains about 860 pieces and has a height of about half a meter. The smaller service module which is located in the fairing can be docked to the Lego ISS, if you have one. 

I hope you like this set as much as I do, I would love to see a soyuz in the official lego collection. If you do so as well, you can always suport this project!

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