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LEGO Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure


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LEGO Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

“I am Bill S. Preston Esquire, and I am Ted Theodore Logan, and together, we are The Wyld Stallyns!”

The fate of the future world rests in the hands of two high school students, Bill & Ted. They need to pass their final history exam, so that they can eventually write and play the perfect piece of music, to create balance and unity on earth.

Our LEGO story takes place after Bill & Ted have received their phone booth from Rufus, and begin their time traveling journey.

This set has three main locations/objects:

  1. The phone booth with a separate antenna attachment
  2. An outhouse (with toilet paper) representing the old west
  3. A staircase with giant column representing ancient Greece

The set includes 4 Minifigures, Bill, Ted, Billy the Kid, and Socrates. Props included are 2 pistols, a shovel, a pickaxe, a broom, a barrel, and a bowl of sand on a stand. The set would also include 5 printed elements, 4 white phone signs, and 1 crescent moon.

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