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The Hydra!

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The beast from mythology brought to LEGO. Many have been begging over a Mythology legends theme to be released, and this would be a perfect addition to it. The tail is heavy and movable to help with balance. This model showcases 10 removable heads for room to grow after the first. It's large, and well put together, but could be supported in the front if needed by clear bricks attached to the chest. The neck support column is also movable so all the heads can be slammed down at once.

Minifigures could include (but not limited to): Herculese, Pegasus, A Civilian In Peril, Hades, Beastkeeper, Aeres, Zues, etc.! Even other Mythological monsters that they have now could do, Cyclops, Gorgon (Medusa), Minotaur, etc.

I will upload more images of minifigure possibilities later.

If it really came down to it, i would even let LEGO make it into a set of the Disney movie Herculese, in which case the minifigs would need to be Herc, Pain, Panic, Hades, possibly Meg and Phil? (Danny Devito's Pan guy). In any case, I just want to see a Hydra. I think a LEGO original would make for a more imaginative set though, and could include all kinds of custom minifigs.

I will upload an image later of a few things like rocks and a push cart for scenery, as most LEGO sets like this would include.

Image shows a Hydra with 10 heads attached, with a rough Herculese standing in front for size comparison.

A view of the Hydra from the back. It should have an original Headpiece to be more unique. A slightly smaller head would be ideal.

Possible Aeres (with parts from BrickWarriors for concept) and Apollo (with a bad home made cape). Herculese minifgure could be very similar to Aeres, just brown legs, no cape, and shorter hair. Also, Hades would be ideal, but i believe a custom headpiece or hairpiece would need to be made to complete him. A Pegasus would make the set irresistible, wings (possibly the ones from Chima to be released.) could attach to the horse's saddle. A white movable horse, like the ones from LOTR, would be ideal.

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