Product Idea |

Old Beach Restaurant


Restaurant with three levels. Set along the sandy coastline with rock formations along the foundation to withstand the crashing waves at high tide. Entrance at the far corner has staircase and railing. Inside there are two levels of dining. On the first level there is a grey and green checkered floor, where guests can eat. On the second level there is a cash register and extra dining table overlooking the first floor. Under the second level of dining there is a kitchen. It has a pizza oven, sink, stove, and counter space for making pizza and tacos. There is storage for fresh fish and steak for the tacos. Also a shelf full of spices. Under the counter there are several cabinets and a mini fridge. Back upstairs in the second floor of the dining room, there is a door to the outside patio. Out on the patio, there are two tables one of which is currently occupied.

There is also an adjacent door to an office for employees only. In the office there is a simple desk with drawers and computer. There is a ladder to the next level where there is a bed, a desk, and three shelves for storage. 

Underneath the patio there is a small ocean sports store. The store has surfboards, fishing rod, spearguns, a hoop net, fins, paddles, bait, life saving rings, and an anchor for display purposes. Guests of the restaurant can visit the store anytime during business hours. 

The entire structure has a joined slanted roof 34 studs wide. There are 14 minifigs  


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