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Science: Atoms

Welcome to the world of Lego science, a fun and new way to use the already educational Lego toy.  This specific kit concentrates on portraying atoms, the building blocks of nature. This kit would include a model of the way electrons orbit, the different bonds an atoms can have, and also the different bond angles which a bond can posses. The kit would include many different bond angles and "sticks" to hold the electrons in orbit and form bonds as well as many different color atoms. This kit would benefit literally everyone, this product could be sold everywhere inexpensively. The kit would also include a science booklet as well as instructions, the booklet would help explain a little bit about how atoms work. This kit could be used in public and private schools as hands on material that would greatly enhance the comprehension of the student. This kit could also be used in home schools to also cement principles, as well as a good product for display or play in homes.

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