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Ghostbusters Proton Pack & Ghost Trap

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My LEGO Idea build is the Proton Pack and Ghost Trap from the movie Ghostbusters

All of the elements used are LEGO, with absolutely no modifying of the parts.  The ribbed hoses that you see that look shorter than normal, are actually fed through some Technic bricks that have holes in them.  The black ribbed hose is hidden partially under the cyclotron at the bottom of the pack.  You will also notice that the circles around the "lights" are grey, so is the thicker flexible hose.  To be movie accurate they should both be black, but It still looks amazing!  The contrast of color helps them stand out for this model.  I  can also see custom labels made for many areas of the proton pack to be more accurate.  It looks absolutely fantastic, and the bright colors are just amazing in the way they contrast with all the black bricks and elements.

If there is something that people recognize instantly from the movie, it is the Proton Pack and Ghost Trap.  I am very confident that many people will support and purchase this set to have in their own Ghostbusters memorabilia collection!  Just look at the amount of Ghostbusters toys and props that have been released lately.  This movie will carry on for generations, and so will the collector items that associate with it.

What I wanted for this set, was to have the number of bricks to build it under 500 to keep the potential sales of this build to be below $50.00 so that everyone out there can afford to buy and build this set. The final count is less than 400!!  I believe that it will be a very nice set for many LEGO and Ghostbuster fans all over the world. It is not too difficult to build, and looks great set up on it's stand with the Ghost Trap under it.

I do hope that you enjoy and admire this build as much as I did when building it!  This has been a set that I have been waiting for a very long time, and now I am lucky enough to have it after building it. I hope that it will be available for more people to enjoy in the near future if it is supported and approved!

Thank you for your support and please vote!

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