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Datsun Roadster


Datsun Roadster!

The Datsun Roadster is a small, classic Japanese sports car that was built for almost a decade. It's nimble handling and thrifty 4 cylinder engine made it ideal for driving enthusiasts. Datsun is one my personal favorite brands of all time, and this is the pinnacle of their design: cars that were small, affordable and even practical, all without sacrificing style and joy.

Lego Datsun!

- The model shown here is a polished, sturdy design which blends form and function. The bright yellow exterior reflects the car's cheery character, and the sculpted bodywork captures the shape of the original.

- Under the hood, the 4 cylinder engine and some other engine details are included, such as the dual carburetors.

- The cabin is well stocked with dials, gauges, and all manner of storage cubbies. It's equipped with both a glovebox and a bin between the two adjustable seats. That crazy blue shifter is movable too, so you can park your Datsun in any gear you so choose! I prefer 4th with mine.

- The spacious trunk is fully lined with black tiles to keep all your goodies safe and sound.

-Posable front wheels add another level of detail to the model and make for great photography!

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