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Daitarn 3


Daitarn 3 is one of the best super robots of 80ies japanese anime. I always loved its style and the mecha design of Kunio Okawara, with its three transformations: robot mode, Dai-fighter mode (an huge spaceship) and Dai-tank (a massive tank with two cannons).

I wanted to port everything in this Lego counterpart, so I needed a big size (340 mm in robot mode, and approximately 2200 pieces) to permit all the transformations and nice articulations for the robot mode. With the help of some extra-parts (covers for Dai-fighter and a platform for Dai-tank) all of this is possible!

So, after the wonderful Lego Voltron, I feel that super robots can live again today. A great toy for all the young people, a great tribute for the young in heart : )

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