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Australian Cockatoo

Designed for bird lovers, and inspired by the Australian sulphur crested cockatoo, this model is intended to be a life size recreation of an Aussie Icon that's perfect for display in any home.

Cockatoo's are a curious and intelligent bird, and  anyone who's ever been up close to one, knnows to be wary of their fearsome beaks - which made it a very important detail to capture. watch out, this bird can bite you.

Mostly though, I wanted to capture the smooth flowing curves of their wings and tail, in a way that is instantly recognisable to bird lovers and Australian's alike.

Oh, and some fun cockatoo facts;
  • They can sing and dance. Able to recognise and keep rhythm, and mimicing the human voice to sing.
  • They're long lived. If well looked after, they can live over a century.
  • They like to eat berries, seeds, nuts, and roots. And their diet can affect their colouring.
  • They're found all around Australian, and also featured on the Australian $10 bill.

So, if you like it, and want one for your home, hit the support button and share with your friends. And thankyou.

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