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Boneyard Riding Club (RC)



Boneyard Riding Club (RC) is all about everything you’ll ever want and everything you’ll ever need! All of life’s great necessities are covered:

  • Cool clubhouse with a neon sign
  • Loud machines
  • Well equipped tool shed
  • Fully stocked fridge
  • Pool table and pinball machine
  • BBQ!

But these are just the material thingamabobs. Even more important are the camaraderie among the motley crew of rowdy bikers, the roadside adventures they will most definitely have and the strong bond they find in the love for riding their bikes.


Riding clubs are some of the oldest structures in the motorcycle community. They date back to the first bike coming off the assembly line. RC’s are neutral, welcoming and inclusive clubs to all of those who love to ride and want to share that ride with as many friends as possible.


The model consists of 4 different bikes, a tool shed and clubhouse with backyard. It is packed with details and mini-builds that let your mind wander and create stories as you build. Hopefully this will give you that extra oomph to the building experience.
The roof of the clubhouse and tool shed can be lifted for easy access.

1618 parts used for the clubhouse and tool shed
245 parts used for the bikes


Since there is little classification or hierarchy among the members of an RC, we’ll just name our bikers: Biker 1 to 6 with a special mention to the biker formerly known as the assistant ;-)

They all wear vests (or cuts if you like) with that cool club-patch stitched on the back.


Hit that support button and tell all your buddies about the first Lego riding club... ever!
Thank you for your attention, support and sharing this project. Stay safe and ride safe.

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