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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - The Great Deku Tree

Since its first appearance in the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Great Deku Tree has been an icon of the series. As the guardian deity of the forest and father of the Kokiri the Great Deku Tree is the one to jump-start Links' adventure. It is only fitting for the Deku Tree to be the set to start the Lego: The Legends of Zelda theme!

On top of that, I used a Lego Boost hub as a base for this model. This means I was able to make the mouth open and close automatically, make the branches move and use the colour sensor to play the music from Ocarina of time through the app!

Q: How does it move?
A: The Deku Tree is built around the Lego Boost hub. This allows it to move its mouth, and branches and play music through the Lego Boost app.

Q: How does the music playing function work?
A: The colour sensor at the back can scan the coloured tiles hidden in the build. Each colour translates to one of the five notes you can play on the Ocarina of Time in the game. Playing the notes in the right order will trigger the song in the app and the Deku Tree will start to move.

Q: Where can I see the fully functioning model?
A: A YouTube video of the build process and inner workings of the model will be out soon.

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