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Version 2.0 (Transparent)

So after having had a bit of feedback from a colleague, I have altered the design of the stands and the diorama slightly. The edges on both sides can now be interlocked so that they can be place in any order you want. I have also made the upright section and the petals on the flowers transparent so that light can shine through if they were to be placed on a window sill. There is a textured centre that run from the stems all the way to the top of each diorama, which hopefully gives the piece a bit of depth. I hope you like the changes and I would also appreciate any more feedback if you have any. Thanks




Here are all 3 sections connected to make one complete set. 


Butterfly Closeup

Again the Butterfly was built using the same tecniques as the Dragonfly and I tried to incorporate as much colour as I could on such a small pallette.


Bee Closeup

I like the bee as it is a very simple little model which is built on the same principles as the Dragonfly but obviously on a smaller scale. 


DragonFly Closeup

The Dragonfly was the first part of the model that I created and I especially like the way the wings have come out as they all move independently on ball and socket joints. I originally used Technic pieces for the tail but changed my mind in the end and went with a more robust piece. I hope that you all like it. 

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