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Eleonor Boat Restaurant


Eleonor Boat Restaurant is a typical restaurant built on a river boat. The set includes a small marina and 9 mini figures.

Eleonor is a modular LEGO Boat Restaurant. It is designed to be compatible with existing modular LEGO buildings and it  is constructed on a 32 x 48 base plate from 1837 pieces.

The model is made up from 2 modular levels featuring a cafe/restaurant and a hold with engine room and galley.

Level 1 - The restaurant

The restaurant has access from the marina crossing a small bridge. On the inside there are the counter and the kitchen, tables for customers and a piano designed to create a romantic atmosphere. 

The interiors are decorated with many details: table lamps, wall lamps, curtains, the counter with the cash register, the stove, the sink and the piano. 

At the stern and bow there are two outdoor spaces provided with tables and umbrellas. 

The roof has a window that enable the light to come from above directly to the dining room and to a little control tower where the boat commands are managed.

Level 2 - The galley

Below deck is located the restaurant galley, the engine at the stern and in the bow, two camp beds for the cook and the old captain.

The galley is full of stocks for the restaurant such as: barrels, crates with fish, crabs and lobsters, barrels of fuel for the engine.

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