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Zombie City


Kevin looks out from his top floor refuge over Zombie City.  A zombie driver has crashed a car into the front of Kevin's building while other zombies roam the streets.  Spike, Kevin's dog and only companion, is barking at rats again. The zombie's don't bother Spike and actually Spike quite enjoys the city as there are always lots of bones!   A year has passed since Kevin found himself isolated and seemingly alone in Zombie City and the vegetation is starting to grow wild and his building is falling into disrepair.  Kevin is starting to think that it may be time to find a new place to call home...

This model is users one of my other submissions "Papa's Pizza Parlour" as it's base (and please take a look at Papa's Pizza Parlour too!).   I wanted to create a model that was recognisably similar but still very different from an original "normal" lego design.  I wanted to create a more edgier, less than perfect world where perhaps not everything is quite so awesome.  I explored crazy angles and apparently random placement of components to illustrate where nature has taken it's course or elements have been added, seemingly in a hurry.

The van has crashed into the front of the building leaving it tilted and mangled.  The crash has brought down the balcony and the tattered awning has seen better days.  The force of the collision has knocked the door out of it's hinges and it tips at an awkward angle.  The upper balconies have been knocked askew by the impact.

The front door has been hastily barricaded up and with a wooden plank.  Windows are falling out of frames or have been bricked up.  Ladders (which the zombies have never mastered) now provide Kevin with his entrance and exit and Spike plays in the rubble of the restaurant.   The once proud flag now hangs limply over the balcony, the flag pole having come crashing down.  All around the building, the once neatly trimmed vegetation is starting to run amok.

This model features just over 800 bricks and I think this model will appeal especially to teenage fans of lego (TFOLs) as well as adults.  Teenagers in particular start to realise that the world is not a perfect place and this model reflects some of those imperfections.   It is also quite a complex and challenging model build which should appeal to older Lego fans.    

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