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Free Willy - A Friend to Save


The set that I present, is composed of 657 bricks and is the representation of the 1993 film Free Willy.

Short plot of the film:

an orca, renamed Willy, is captured to become the attraction of a marine park.

Jesse, a twelve-year-old boy, is sent to volunteer at that marine park and manages to make friends with Willy.

jesse realizing that the owner of the park would get rid of the orca decides to give her freedom by organizing an escape plan that included the orca jumping over the rocks.

The set in particular represents the scene in which Jesse manages to make Willy gain freedom by jumping over the rocks.

The set consists of:

a platform that reproduces the sea with the rocks;

Willy with articulated tail and fin and part of the rear body that can be aligned with the front;

minifigure of Jesse the little boy who helps Willy escape.

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