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J-type Cruiser


Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones starts with an awesome shot of a big J-type Naboo Cruiser escorted by three N-1 Starfighters. On board Senator Padmé Amidala, or so we think. After landing a bomb explodes on board of the ship killing Senator Amidala's handmaiden Cordé, disguised as her. Senator Amidala is one of the pilots of the N-1 Starfighters lives to see another day. 

I believe this should be a set because:

It's a large vehicle in the Star Wars Universe, a large size toy for your money

The base for the set is the big wing piece making it sturdy and easy to build

If you're not a Star Wars fan it's still a cool stealthy plane in nice grey shades

It can be accompanied by one N-1 Starfighter, a fan favored Lego set

The minifigures are Padmé as pilot and a beautifully dressed Cordé and the pilot with eye patch

Moving a rod on the bottom turns the 2 gears that make the 4 studshooters pop up

The rear opens in three directions so you can actually show Cordé exiting the plane


Have fun!

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