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Pikmin 4 - Sun-Speckled Terrace


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Pikmin has been one of my favorite game series for a long time, and with the upcoming one year anniversary of the release of Pikmin 4, I figured it was the perfect time for an official Pikmin LEGO set!

Why Pikmin?

I think Pikmin is the perfect game to be realized in LEGO. Everything in the game is really tiny, so locations like a human house become giant maps to explore. With LEGO, the minifigures are almost the perfect size for this, making our real world into the game map. You could place this set on your shelf, and imagine that the Pikmin are exploring your room! I also think the Pikmin series has a similar whimsy and playfulness as LEGO, making it the perfect medium.

The Builds

The model consists of six main builds, with some smaller builds included as well. The set is done at minifigure scale, which allows for additional details to be captured in the creatures and objects.

Oatchi - The lovable new space dog companion introduced in Pikmin 4. Aside from just being cute, Oatchi is a major part of the gameplay of Pikmin 4, and a necessary part of any Pikmin 4 LEGO set.

The Onion - A staple of Pikmin since the beginning, the onion was too iconic not to include. In Pikmin 4, the onion is multicolored, with the colors of all the different Pikmin types. That's captured in the build here as well. In-game, pellets or enemies can be brought back to the onion to make more Pikmin!

S.S. Beagle - The new ship in Pikmin 4, used to carry any collected treasures. One such treasure is the brick built playing card included, but because of the scale you could also use any household object as treasure!

Bulborb - The most well known Pikmin enemy, Bulborbs chase after Pikmin to eat them. The LEGO version can do this too, with an opening mouth and movable legs.

Fiery Blowhog - Another enemy that has been in the series since the beginning, Blowhogs shoot fire that burns Pikmin. Because the Pikmin use the new dreamling body piece, they can hold anything bar sized, allowing them to 'catch on fire' by holding flame pieces!

Terrain - I wanted to include some terrain to help get the idea of the scale across, and to give a good backdrop for play or display. There's also a pellet posy growing, with a pellet that can be plucked and brought back to the onion.

Smaller builds - The smaller builds are the larger pellet, the playing card, and the dwarf bulborb. The dwarf bulborb serves as a smaller enemy for the Pikmin to face, while the larger pellet and playing card are great as things for the pikmin to carry.


I wanted to include the captain from Pikmin 4, as well as Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Purple, and Winged Pikmin. The rest of the Pikmin types are not included since those would require something more than just the new dreamling body piece. The Pikmin can also hold bar sized pieces, giving them more playability.

Thanks for reading!

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