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Arctic Snowcat Expedition


The current Arctic sub-theme of Lego City has been real a favorite of mine recently as I love Lego sets which show mini-figs on expeditions and carrying out scientific research. Having bought a number of the sets, I felt like having a go at designing a unique set of my own that would fit nicely in that theme. 

Bring on the Arctic Snowcat! 

This set would would be made up of three main parts: The Snowcat itself, a trailer for it to pull and a little dingy which can be stored on the roof of the lab section of the Snowcat.

The Snowcat

As the largest part (and the set's namesake) the Snowcat is definitely the main attraction, It's big, it's tough and it has loads going on with! Because of it's large size, I was able to include a nice amount of detail all over this multi-purpose vehicle including a number of lights, communication dishes, a grille guard, a storage area for the boat, fuel tanks on the underside, a selection of equipment stored in different parts of the vehicle and of course the distinct colour scheme of the arctic range.

for minifig interaction, theres space to fit two figs side by side in the cab as well as a lab section in the back with some fuel tanks for detailing. both these area's can be accessed by removing the respective roof's, which are held on with minimal studs for ease of removal.

for functionality, theres a winch on the front of the cab which can be used to pull the boat out of the water when it's time to pack up and head back to base! There is also a socket on the back which the trailer can hitch up to. 

The Trailer

The trailer provides one of the main aspects of playability in this set. on this trailer is an easily removable rack which holds a set of tools and 4 heavy duty wheels. If you come to a different kind of terrain, the caterpillar tracks can be removed and stored on the rack, and the wheels can be put on in-place turning your Snowcat, into a Snowtruck!

The hitch on the trailer can be adjusted up and down to accommodate for the height difference when changing from tracks to wheels.

The trailer can also be used to carry two ice chunks 

The Boat

While small and of basic construction, theres alot packed into this little fella! at the back there is a small adjustable engine with a little propeller detail. at the front is a set of lights which can be folded down while the boat is being stored on the snowcat for travel. On one side is a pair of oars incase you run out of fuel, and on the other is a small communications dish to report back to the snowcat or request to be winched back to dry land.


Three minifigs seems like an appropriate amount for this set, although to make it a perfect line up, it'd be great to include an arctic themed diver as that would go nicely with the boat.


I feel like this set would be a great addition to an already wonderful lego line; It includes alot of playability, A cool new vehicle to employ into your arctic expedition crew and two cool alternate apearances for the snowcat.

Any and all support would be hugely appreciated and If you love the lego arctic line like I do SUPPORT THIS PROJECT!!! 





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