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Bee Happy

Bees play a fundamental role in the natural ecosystem and are of great importance for several reasons:
1. Plant Pollination: Bees are essential pollination agents for many flowering plants.
2. Biodiversity: Bees contribute to biological diversity by helping in the reproduction of plants. This affects the health and stability of ecosystems.
3. Food Production: Bees are important for agriculture. A lot of crops, including fruits and vegetables, depend on bee pollination.
4. Nutrient Resources for Wildlife: The honey produced by bees is a source of nutrition.

In my creation, next to the dandelion cultivation is our hive composed as follows.
Starting from the bottom:
1. NEST with honeycomb frames inside
3. SUPER with honey collection frames inside
4. HONEYCOMB COVER to feed the bees
5. ROOF as protection for the entire hive
I created this MOC to spread the importance of bees themselves, starting from the most beautiful thing ever, LEGO bricks.

I hope you’ll like my creation!

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