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Log Cabin


Need a getaway from the Lego city? Enjoy a relaxing weekend or plan a hunting trip with the boys, this little cabin is the perfect spot!

Jump in the old truck (1985 Dodge W150) and head up the mountain to your vacation cabin. Modeled after a real design this cabin features a square footprint; 1/3 porch, 2/3 living space. This is a square log home with beige colored chinking. Red frame windows and red front door. The front porch has room for wood storage and the functional swing which hangs from the ceiling. Lights on each side of the door keep the porch lit up at night.

Once inside you will find a cozy floor plan. Open living space including a small kitchenette (stove, sink, cabinets) eating nook, and a living room with a couch and wood stove to stay warm on those cold nights. There are lights under the loft for the kitchen and dinette as well as a ceiling fan and light above the living room. A clock and gun leaning up against the wall at the front door finish off the lower level. Slide the ladder over and climb up to the sleeping loft. Lights above the bed allow you to read your book as you doze off. 

Outside you can take the walking paths that lead through a small aspen grove and around back or over to the out house. The outhouse has a toilet with paper roll holder and and outdoor shower. At the back of the cabin there is an out door water tap and fish cleaning station. A river runs by the rear of the property where you can catch fish for days. Take the two-seat ATV out for rides in the mountains.

Set features:

  • 2245 pieces on a 48 x 48 base plate. 
  • Cabin
    • Brown square logs, beige chinking and red windows
    • ​Porch with swing and wood storage
    • living room, couch, wood stove and smoke stack
    • kitchenette / eating nook, sink, stove, storage
    • sliding ladder
    • sleeping loft with bed
    • Solar panel for off grid living
  • Outhouse with outdoor shower
  • Old truck
    • opening hood with engine
    • opening doors with full interior
    • opening tailgate
    • dual exhaust below bumper
  • ATV
  • Stream
  • Trees

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