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Papa Brickolini Pizzeria (Island 97)

Mama Mia! Papa Brickolini is back at it again with the tastiest confessable pizzas on the island! Jam out at the jukebox to the beat of the music or deliver pizzas, as Pepper (The dude with the food), to various locations to satisfy customers. But beware, don't ever feed the Brickster the pizza! Otherwise, he'll tear up the town brick by brick and that the Infomaniac would have to reconstruct the whole land all over again.

This set is a tribute to Wes Jenkins (Creator of the Island series), who passed away a few years back. I want to honor him and give the attention this game is still getting to this very day. Plus 2022 is the 25th anniversary of the game first appearance since 1997.

If this set becomes a reality, I guarantee this will make the old fans happy and welcome newcomers alike. And it might bring the old theme back too in the near future if it were to happen again.

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