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The Clothing Store


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 Welcome to the Clothing Store. Buy all sorts of clothes and enjoy watching a show by the Magician or Juggler.

 This build consists of three floors:

 The first floor includes an auditorium with twenty seats, a stage where the magician or juggler can preform, an area where the ticket seller can sell tickets, and a backstage with a table, a clothing rack, and a dressing mirror with a secret compartment that can hold the magicians wand.

 The second floor is a clothing store that has about 38 shirts and 36 pairs of pants! It has two changing stalls/rooms, two mannequins in the front, a bunch of hats, and a check-out.

 Walk up to the third floor to find the store-owners apartment where she lives with her son. This level comes with a well-made kitchen, a couch where you can watch TV from, a balcony where you can sit in the sun, two bed rooms with lamps and closets, and a nice bathroom. Other details include a car racing mat, roof access, pictures on the wall, and a sun shade that overhangs the first floor stairs.

The roof gives you six solar panels, two air vents, and a decorative design.

Special thanks to @TiagoCatarino for letting me use his bathtub design. Make sure to check out his YouTube channel where he makes really good Lego tutorials and go support his builds!

I had a really fun time building this! It took around a month and has under 3000 pieces. I don't actually know how many pieces it has because the software I used to make this build counts a shirt as five pieces. :(

10,000 supporters here we come!

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