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Old Billy's House

The gold runners... They are ambitious and stupid at the same time. Look at this guy, old Billy : since 30 years, he is searching gold in the same river, and he only found three little gold nuggets, without counting the last one he found today. 

Old Billy's house contains :

In the ground floor :
  • A food and books cupboard,
  • A table with gold and a sack,
  • A table with a plate and cutlery,
  • A clock,
  • A pickaxe,
  • A saw,
  • An axe,
  • A little sofa,
  • A wood-burner,
  • And a ladder to go up to the attic.

On the patio :
  • A rocking chair.

In the attic :
  • A chest,
  • Old Billy's bed,
  • A table with an oil lamp,
  • A poster "WANTED",
  • Straw's blocks,
  • And a trapdoor for going to the ground floor.

On the roof :
  • A bird.

Outside :
  • A river,
  • Old Billy searching gold in the river,
  • Old Billy's brown horse,
  • And a bandit on a black horse.

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