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Sailing Yacht


This sailing yacht could fit into your LEGO City universe, couldn’t it? It is build similar to a small sailing yacht I have once been on and I thought I would need to replicate it for my LEGO City World.

Play features:

- If you turn the sail to the left or the right side, the hull will slightly tilt to that side. This gives the ship am more realistic position compared to the surface of the water. But the ship can although stand easily in the middle. The center is bricked with 2x2 round inverted tiles which are offset a little bit

- You can open the door to see the interior with different equipment for diving an navigation.

The create the rounded hull I have used the 2x4 curved sloped and put 1x2 plates with round edges and and open studs on it. Into this open studs I have placed Bars 1L with clip mechanical claw. Finally this claws are clipped to a bended hose. The rest ist SNOT in different ways…

I hope you enjoy my LEGO sailing yacht and vote for it!

Thanks ;-)

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