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Goofy’s Car


Goofy’s car

This MOC design is based on a toy made by Bburago in Italy. This in turn may well have been based on some publicity artwork I’ve seen by Disney from the 1940s (that also had Mickey, Donald and Pluto in the car). 

I loved the colours used and the character that the car itself has. 

It was fun to work with the combination of chrome and wood-style pieces and to recreate the belt across the bonnet.

From the original design’s belongings it looked like Goofy may be going on a camping trip, so I built a riverside fishing scene under an apple tree to accompany the car.

It would be great to finally see Goofy in minifigure form (and there is room in the car for Pluto too if possible!!)

Hope you all enjoy the design and thank you for looking :)

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