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PAC-MAN Arcade

This is a model of the original PAC-MAN arcade game cabinet from 1980. The game was developed by Namco, and it was among the most popular arcade games in the 80s. In the game the player controls PAC-MAN through the maze while eating dots and avoiding the ghosts.
This LEGO build has power functions lights to illuminate the screen and the white sign just like the real arcade machine. The screen and the white sign are transparent pieces with prints, so the light can shine through. The cabinet has a door in the back for easy access to the battery. The door has a small latch to keep it closed. In the front it has details like joystick and buttons. The scale of this model is about 1:5.
I hope you like it!

Number of pieces: 875

Length: 168 mm (6.61 in)
Width: 128 mm (5.04 in)
Height: 333‬ mm (13.11 in)

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