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"White Bull" Road Train

It's a road train! These heavy-duty tractors pulling several trailers are the backbone for supplying people living in the Australian outback.
My idea has three trailers: a cooled container, a tanker and a flatbed. Every trailer has a tow-ball coupling to which a dolly can be attached which works as the platform for the following trailer. There are two dollies in the set.
The tractor is fully equipped for a long haul: It features a radio, TV, microwave oven, table, fold-down bed and even a sink. The passenger seat can be turned around to face the living area.
I love trucks! With this set, there are plenty of playing opportunities. You could just load it with anything you can imagine to be delivered to your outback farm and go on an adventurous trip across the Australian continent; or you could add more trailers of your own design.

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