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New Girl Loft

A bad relationship, a new start and a room in a loft with three roommates: Nick, Winston and Schmidt!
This is the recipe for the funniest TV show of the last 10 years!
Jess, a quirky teacher with big blue eyes, upset the three boys’ lives..and then there is Cece, model and Jess’ best friend…
In a short time they live a great friendship and realize they cannot do without each other!

Would you be the fifth roommate?
Support this NEW LEGO set….NEW GIRL LOFT!

Let’s play Real American
Take a selfie with Furguson
Celebrate Thanksgiving cooking turkey with Schmidt!

The set includes 1128 pieces and the following features:

  • Modular “Apartment 4D”
  • Six minifigures (Jess, Nick, Schmidt, Winston, Coach and Cece)
  • Minifigures’ accessories to play with 

If you wish to see it become an official LEGO set, make sure to support and share!
Thank you!