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Rock Crawler Off Road Action Vehicle

This model is a minimized version of a rock crawler, a highly modified off road vehicle. Since my 7-year old son and I saw some videos of these amazing cars in action we both were blown away and he asked me to build a small Lego version for him. That was how the idea started.
The fundamental aim for me was to construct a simple, stylish, easy-to-build car which gives a lot of fun by playing and resists even harder crashes. Less is more (fun)!
The car has two rigid axles with one shock per each, combined with a two link system.
This allows the axles to move in funny angles when the car drives over rocks or other obstacles, similar to the real version. Ride height can also be adjusted by moving the control arms of the suspension to a steeper angle. Due to the big light wheels and the lightweight construction, the car is perfect for pushing it over ramps for huge jumps and other stunts. The suspension reacts like in real life and the car drives well and fast - depending on the ”pusher”. This means a lot of fun, even for 45-year old drivers!

It was already crash tested by a proven expert (my son) and resisted high jumps, rollovers and huge drops.
Based on the same chassis, different bodies could be possible for the next downhill race.
I think my idea could be a great LEGO set because it is easy to build for young children and brings a lot of action and fun by playing with it, even for the older ones!


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